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Family Dentistry

Washington, MO

Family Dentistry Washington, MO

Family Dentistry Washington, MO. Between soccer practices, work presentations, and other family obligations with three kids — well, two kids and a husband; but let’s keep it real and call it three — filling your schedule, you shouldn't have to juggle separate dentist appointments at different times and facilities nowhere near you in Washington, MO.

Martin Dental & Associates specializes in a broad selection of family dentistry services in Greater St. Louis, near you in Washington, MO, and is happy to take care of your entire family’s oral health, from toddlers and kids to teenagers and older adults. (We’ll even pencil in that third kid on the family dentistry schedule.) Our experienced family dentistry team has a passion for providing high-quality dental care, and our proven track record is what makes Martin Dental the most trusted dental practice near Washington, MO. We are committed to ensuring that you are confident in your pick of Dr. John Martin for your family dentistry in the Washington, MO area. Give us a call now at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, or contact us to schedule an appointment. First-time family dentistry patients are always welcome at either location.

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Washington, MO Family Dentistry: The Convenience of Martin Dental & Associates

No matter if your grade-schooler needs a dental sealant, your teen wants Invisalign, or your husband is throwing a temper tantrum while yearning to get his teeth whitened in Washington, MO, Dr. John Martin is able to help you attain or keep the smile of your dreams. During the initial consultation with our family dentistry team near Washington, MO, we will evaluate the status of you or your child's current oral health, discuss what you are looking for in a dentist, and build a customizable, long-term plan for reaching or sustaining optimum oral health.

To find out additional information on our family dentistry practice near Washington, MO, discuss your current oral health concerns, or to book a new family dentistry appointment, call us now at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, or contact us.

Family Dentistry For All Ages Near Washington, MO

The dental care we require changes as we grow and advance in age. With Dr. Martin & Associates in St. Louis, you know you will be under the care of a staff of dentists who work directly with patients of all ages near you in Washington, MO and under the specific needs that come with every stage of life.

For a younger child, our family dentistry services near Washington, MO concentrate on teaching oral hygiene and protecting their teeth with flouride treatments. By age 8, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over half of kids (52 percent) have had at least one cavity in their primary (baby) teeth. Additionally, children who have poor oral health miss more school and receive lower grades than kids who don’t.

With our young adult patients in Washington, MO, we may focus on making sure they floss and prepare them for possible wisdom tooth extraction. Adults and patients of advanced age in Washington, MO bank on family dentistry to assist them in protecting their adult teeth and introduce them to restoration services like bridges and dental implants. According to an Oral Health Surveillance Report by the CDC in 2019, more than 1 in 4 (26 percent) of U.S. adults have untreated tooth decay.

Several dentist offices near Washington, MO practice only specific kinds of dentistry, but not Dr. John Martin. He and his staff take pride in offering family dentistry care to patients of all ages with varying statuses of oral health in Washington, MO. Whatever stage of life you’re in, the Martin Dental & Associates family dentistry program is ready to indulge you with the best dental care available. If you are looking for family dentistry services that you can count on, Martin Dental & Associates is your answer. Give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, or contact us online.

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In addition to our family dentistry services, Martin Dental & Associates provides the following for Washington, MO residents:

What Is the Importance of Family Dentistry on Your Family’s Oral Health in Washington, MO?

We are proud to serve clans throughout the Washington, MO area in their entire family dentistry needs. We are aware that the choice of a family dentistry provider near Washington, MO is a critical one, and that you and your family need a provider that prioritizes your comfort and offers the best in dental care. Speak with our talented family dentistry staff today by phoning us at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office today, or contacting us online.

The American Dental Association recommends patients go to a family dentistry practice for basic checkups at least twice a year. The Dr. John Martin & Associates family dentistry team near Washington, MO makes it simple for you and your family, offering appointments in either location at times convenient to you and your busy schedule. Here are four advantages of family dentistry in Washington, MO:

1. It Is Convenient

Family dentistry covers oral health concerns for all age groups and demographics, from infancy to adulthood. You won’t have to run back-and-forth from one dentist office to another — miles away from Washington, MO — to take care of your family’s dental needs. At Martin Dental & Associates near Washington, MO, you have one dentist for everyone, making it convenient in organizing your hectic schedule.

2. You Can Eliminate Dental Phobia

According to a CDC survey in 2020, more than 35 percent of the adult population did not have a dental visit within the previous year. Dental phobia and anxiety contribute immensely to this worrying statistic, contributing to people delaying or avoiding dental treatment all together. It is estimated in recent data that 80 percent of the population fears dental treatment, and 20 percent of them avoid the dentist due to this fear. Dr. Martin and staff near Washington, MO work hard to develop a comfortable relationship and welcoming environment at an early age to reduce the likelihood of the phobia.

3. Your Family Dentistry Team Understands Your Medical and Dental History

Another essential advantage of family dentistry in Washington, MO is that Martin Dental & Associates has all of your family records in one place. This data is vital in identifying genetic conditions that could affect your children’s teeth and gums. Dr. Martin and his staff of family dentistry professionals near Washington, MO can treat these concerns quickly enough, making sure that nothing is overlooked, while growing a strong dentist-patient relationship throughout your life.

4. Access to a Wide Range of Family Dental Services

Washington, MO Family dentistry also assures you of quality, reliable, and consistent dental services for you and your family members. You can access a variety of family dentistry services at Martin Dental & Associates near Washington, MO including:

Family dentistry helps improve you and your family’s oral health, with a individualized guide for each member in Washington, MO. Call to book an appointment at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office today, or contact us online. Our list of family dentistry services near Washington, MO includes:

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Family Dentistry Near You in Washington, MO | Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin and the talented family dentistry associates know that choosing a family dentist near Washington, MO can be overwhelming, but Martin Dental's aim is to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family. To learn more about a specific dental service we provide, or to hear about other Washington, MO patients' past experiences with our family dentistry services, don’t hesitate to connect with us today. If you are in the market for Washington, MO family dentistry services, Martin Dental & Associates has a reputation in providing the utmost level of care to patients of all ages. With three decades of experience in St. Louis dentistry and having a passion for keeping up with the newest family dentistry trends and solutions, Dr. John Martin is the go-to option for Washington, MO residents seeking personable family dental cleanings and other dentistry services.

Give us a call to book your first family dentistry appointment today at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office. First-time family dentistry patients are always welcome at either Washington, MO-area location.