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Kids Dentist Near Me

Kids Dentist Near Me

Kids Dentist Near Me in St. Louis

Kids Dentist Near Me in St. Louis, MO. Tooth pain is no fun. The agony leads to severe discomfort, restless agitation, and hair-trigger temperament. Imagine those feelings, and then try experiencing them with kids. In a confined space. For hours, or days. That propels things to a whole other level. It will send you scrolling through your search engine and fiddling with your phone’s location setting, scouring for the closest kids dentist near me.

Look no further than Martin Dental & Associates. With two convenient locations in the Greater St. Louis area, we are here to make the process of selecting a “kids dentist near me” as easy as possible. Dr. John Martin and his experienced and knowledgeable staff take great pleasure in making you and your family feel at home. We are committed to making our services as accessible and affordable as possible.

Make an appointment with the Martin Dental & Associates kids dentists near you today. Our team is ready to serve your kids’ complete dental needs. Give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, or contact us online today to schedule an appointment. New patients are always welcome at either location.


Kids Dentist Near Me in St. Louis: Beyond the Simple Search

While our offices are certainly convenient as the quintessential “kids dentist near me,” location isn’t the only thing we are known for. Martin Dental & Associates works hard to provide a place where kids can receive dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Born and raised in St. Louis, Dr. John Martin has over 30 years of experience as a “kids dentist near me.” Nothing matters more to him than making sure that his patients’ oral health is taken care of. Dr. Martin is dedicated to ensuring his and his team’s dental services are readily available, yet of the best quality, and the leading choice of St. Louis residents searching for a “kids dentist near me” in need of any of the following:

Kids Dentist Near Me in St. Louis: Building a Foundation

Children need a solid foundation of good dental habits, as these will work for a lifetime of combating cavities, gum disease, and decay. As a parent, you know that daily brushing and flossing will reduce those risks. But, at-home care is not enough to promote healthy living. Being a “kids dentist near me” in the St. Louis area, Martin Dental & Associates has the knowledge and training to meet the most challenging issues with your child’s teeth and gums. Contact us today to get started or give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location.

Kids are impressionable. Getting them started on the right path with a “kids dentist near me” is vitally important. Martin Dental & Associates can set up a personalized, step-by-step health plan for your kids, one that adapts and grows as they do. They see their monthly or yearly progress, and it creates a blossoming confidence. Just as importantly, you can feel confident with the level of care your kids receive.

Kids Dentist Near Me in St. Louis: What Separates Martin Dental & Associates From the Rest

It is estimated in recent data that 80 percent of the population fears dental treatment, and 20 percent of them avoid the dentist because of it. Dr. Martin and staff work hard to establish a comfortable relationship and welcoming environment right off the bat.

A few things that seperate Martin Dental & Associates from any other “kids dentist near me” include:

Getting to know the patient

Dr. Martin always takes the time to learn about the patient, finding out about their interests and understanding any worries and anxieties. He enjoys ice hockey, snow skiing, boating, and scuba diving, so he has plenty of topics to converse about that should pique your kids’ interest. This two-way communication can help ease nerves.

Discussing concerns with the parents

Not all kids will open up to Dr. Martin or his staff, no matter what. While certainly qualifying as a “kids dentist near me” and offering an engaging, fun environment in either office in the St. Louis area, some kids may just be too shy. But to give effective personalized care, Dr. Martin will chat with the parents. Hopefully, this leads to communication avenues opening.

Training for child-specific issues

In addition to his practice, Dr. Martin has been trained as a specialized kids dentist and is currently the dentist on staff at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital in St. Louis County, providing free dental services for the children they serve. Some of this training includes:

  • Advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Oral pathology
  • Child development
  • Clinical management
  • Child psychology
  • Child-related pharmacology and radiology
  • Management of oral and facial trauma
  • Care for young patients with special needs
  • General anesthesia for children

A comforting, reassuring touch

It may seem a bit cliche, but you might be surprised by how much a reassuring touch really matters. Especially to kids. A repetitive reassuring touch results in kids displaying less fidgeting behavior at the dentist. Dental fear and anxiety (DFA) is one of the major challenges for a “kids dentist near me.” It is estimated that upwards of 10 percent of kids have DFA, causing several physical and psychological complications. It appears a dentist’s reassuring touch can help alleviate some patterns of DFA.

Kids Dentist Near Me in St. Louis: The First Appointment

We want your child’s first experience with Dr. Martin to be a positive one, shaping their oral health for years to come. When you visit your new “kids dentist near me,” you can have the piece of mind that Dr. Martin and the entire staff will be looking out for your son’s or daughter’s welfare. Every step of the way. Read what some of our patients have to say about their treatment or their new smiles.

We look forward to being your “kids dentist near me.” Give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, contact us today to schedule that first appointment.

Kids Dentist Near Me | Dr. Martin & Associates St. Louis, MO

When you choose Martin Dental & Associates as your “kids dentist near me,” for your kids dental care needs, you are selecting a team of dentists and hygienists that is devoted to making sure your kids’ smiles and overall oral health are in the best of shape. Our ultimate goal is for your kids to be confident in their smiles, and to take pride in the way their teeth look and feel.

In addition to being your go-to "kids dentist near me" in the St. Louis area, our dental experts are committed to staying abreast of the latest dental care trends. We are the trusted dental office for all dental procedures in St. Louis, including:

Great smiles begin at the “kids dentist near me,” Martin Dental & Associates. Give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, contact us today to schedule an appointment.