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Crowns in St. Louis

A crown is a thin cap that is molded to fit your tooth perfectly. Crowns in St. Louis protect your teeth from damage, while offering a seamless look.

If you are ready to improve the appearance of your smile with crowns in St. Louis, Dr. John Martin offers high-quality non-permanent and permanent solutions, and can get you the seamless smile you desire.

What is a Crown?

Crowns are thinly molded caps that are typically made out of zirconium or porcelain. Porcelain and zirconium are more resistant to stains and have an appearance that can be easily altered to seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth.

Crowns in St. Louis are a popular choice of patients and dentists in St. Louis due to their flexibility. Crowns can be molded to hide chips or crack, or provide protection to an exposed tooth after a root canal or other dental procedure.

Who Should Get a Crown?

If you are bothered by a crack in your tooth, or severe decay, crowns in St. Louis can shield your damaged teeth while offering a seamless appearance. Crowns can be permanent, or non-permanent, depending on your oral health, and can easily be altered or taken out if needed.

Dr. John Martin uses the utmost level of care when it comes to his patients, and will do everything in his power to ensure that you are satisfied with your zirconium or porcelain crown

Interested in Crowns in St. Louis?

No one knows crowns like Martin Dental & Associates. With nearly 30 years of experience in the St. Louis dental industry, Dr. John Martin understands the standard of care you expect and deserve.

For more information on our crowns in St. Louis and how Dr. John Martin & Associates can use them to perfect your smile, call (314) 739-1222 (Maryland Heights Location), (573) 764-2425 (Gerald Location), or contact Martin Dental & Associates today.