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Dental Care in Florissant, MO

Dental Care Florissant, MO. If you are new to the Florissant, MO area, or if you are simply seeking the best dental care in the region, reach out to Martin Dental & Associates. In either situation, you deserve a dentist you feel comfortable with and trust with your total dental care.

With two convenient locations in the Florissant, MO area, Martin Dental & Associates provides preeminent dental care. Give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office today to schedule an appointment. First-time patients are always welcome at either locale near Florissant, MO.

The team at Martin Dental & Associates prides itself in supplying the skills and knowledge to treat patients of every age group and with varying types of dental care needs. From routine dental cleanings and check-ups to cosmetic procedures and emergency dental care, Dr. John Martin and staff provide the best and most expedient dental care near Florissant, MO.

Everyone’s oral health is different, needing individualized dental care. Some people take the utmost care of their teeth, however still get cavities, while others have a genealogical history of gum disease. Our personalized dental care makes note of your oral health history, and closely treats your issues. Great smiles begin with us. Give us a call today at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, or reach out to us.

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Martin Dental & Associates Near Florissant, MO: Choosing Your Dentist Care

Choosing a dentist for your dental care is vital, and it can be taxing. Whether you are new to the Florissant, MO area, your previous dentist office closed its doors or switched management, or your dental care needs have changed, there are some key factors to consider as you search for your new dentist near you in Florissant, MO.

  1. The dentists' qualifications

    The dentist you would be seeing near Florissant, MO, should have the education, qualifications, and experience that are relevant to your necessities and showcase their expertise. Dr. John Martin, a St. Louis native who became a registered nurse while enrolled at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. Dr. Martin received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1990 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dr. Martin is the dentist on staff at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital, providing no-cost dental care for the kids they serve. You really cannot go wrong, as the other dentists at Martin Dental & Associates possess top-notch qualifications.

  2. The dental care offered

    Think about the dental care your dentist office near Florissant, MO offers. A wide range of services, such as the dental care offered by Martin Dental & Associates, indicates a strong profesional abilities and detailed knowledge of patients' dental care needs. It also conveys convenience. If you ever encounter a dental emergency or develop advanced dental care needs, a full-service dentist office will let you get all your treatments in one office, making scheduling much more flexible. No matter what your dental care calls for, you can always count on Dr. Martin & Associates.

  3. Your insurance coverage

    Insurance can be a hassle to talk about, but is critical in dental care near Florissant, MO, just as it is for any type of medical care. Peruse your dental plan benefits and find out if the dentist is a provider in your network. Martin Dental & Associates is committed to making dental care as convenient and economical as possible, accepting multiple insurance policies.

  4. Staff and customer service

    Good customer care makes a huge difference in the patient experience and can be the thing that determines whether a young child will develop a lifelong fear of going to the dentist. An established practice like Martin Dental & Associates near Florissant, MO, has a staff that is welcoming, knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and cordial.

  5. Patient referrals and reviews

    Talk to people you know to learn how patients feel about your prospective dentist near Florissant, MO. A dentist and staff that goes above and beyond will be evident when you talk to their patients. You should research patient testimonials and reviews. See Dr. Martin’s patient reviews and testimonials, or take a look at the results of our work.

  6. Personal preference

    The most important factor when locating new dental care for you and your family is the dentist office you feel most comfortable near Florissant, MO. A recent study from the International Journal of Dental and Health Sciences showed that the top two motivators in selecting a dentist were “caring dentist” (97.2 percent) and “friendly staff” (95.1 percent). Martin Dental & Associates provides flexible and suitable dental care and our priority is bringing practical and affordable care to you and your family in Florissant, MO. Contact us online now or give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office to book an appointment. New patients are always welcome at either location.

In addition to top-notch dental care, Martin Dental & Associates presents the following services:

Martin Dental & Associates Near Florissant, MO: Types of Dental Care Provided

Martin Dental & Associates has over 30 years of experience, and realizes the quality of dental care you anticipate from a dentist near Florissant, MO. As native St. Louisans, Dr. Martin and the John Martin Dental team know the importance of developing a doctor-patient relationship on the basis of comfort and communication. Our dental offices near Florissant, MO, aim to make dental care moderately priced and attainable for every patient.

If you need general, cosmetic, surgical, or complete health dental care near Florissant, MO, Martin Dental & Associates is ready to help. We go all out to be the dental care provider for you and your family for decades to come.

Dr. Martin and his staff offer the following dental care services in their two Florissant, MO-area locations:

Offering the Best in Dental Care Near Florissant, MO | Martin Dental & Associates

Dr. Martin & Associates is a proud member of the American Dental Association and our staff is devoted to remaining abreast of the latest dental care trends.

When you opt for Martin Dental & Associates for all of your dental care near Florissant, MO, you are choosing a staff of dentists and hygienists that is committed to making sure your smile and overall oral health are in the best of shape. Our ultimate goal is for you and your entire family to be confident in your smiles, and to take pride in the way your teeth look and feel.

Great smiles begin at Martin Dental & Associates near Florissant, MO. Call us at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office, or contact us now to schedule an appointment.