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Pediatric Dentist Near Me Glendale, MO

Pediatric Dentist Near Me Glendale, MO. The first few years of parenthood are stressful, to say the least. Searching, desperately attempting to locate a “pediatric dentist near me” in Glendale, MO shouldn’t be adding to that pull-your-hair-out or hit-the-roof level of stress. We’re here to help. With over 30 years of experience, along with two convenient locations in the Glendale, MO area, Martin Dental & Associates is the nearby pediatric dentist you’ve been searching for.

Dr. John Martin is the dentist on staff at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital, providing free pediatric dental services for the children they serve. He and his team of pediatric dentists, hygienists, and staff is committed to providing top-quality dental care near you in Glendale, MO. Nothing matters more to him than making sure his Glendale, MO patients’ oral health is taken care of, particularly children.

Our team is ready to serve your Glendale, MO family’s complete dental needs, making our services as accessible near Glendale, MO and as affordable as possible. Call us at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location, or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, or contact us online today to schedule an appointment. New Glendale, MO patients are always welcome at either location.

Glendale, MO Pediatric Dentist Near Me: What Is a Pediatric Dentist and When Do I Need One?

Pediatric dentists are specialists dedicated to the oral health of children, from infancy throughout the various stages of childhood and teenage years. They have an extra two to three years of specialized training after dental school. Some of this training includes:

  • Advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Oral pathology
  • Child development
  • Clinical management
  • Child psychology
  • Child-related pharmacology and radiology
  • Management of oral and facial trauma
  • Care for young patients with special needs
  • General anesthesia for children

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents establish a pediatric dental home for their child by their first birthday, or within a few months of their first tooth coming in. This will help you introduce your child to oral care in a relaxed first meeting near Glendale, MO, and will put them on the right path to a healthy smile. The sooner children begin getting regular dental checkups, the healthier their mouths will stay throughout their lives. Early checkups help prevent cavities and tooth decay, which can lead to pain, trouble concentrating, and other medical issues.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that over 40 percent of children have decay by the time they reach kindergarten, and 52 percent among kids aged 6 to 8. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among kids near Glendale, MO. In order to fight off this decay, your child needs a complete oral health plan from a pediatric dentist near you in Glendale, MO.

Reach out to us or give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location, or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office now to book an appointment near you in Glendale, MO.

In addition to our pediatric dental services near you in Glendale, MO, Martin Dental & Associates provides the following services:

Pediatric Dentist Near Me Glendale, MO | Glendale, MO Kids Dentists | Martin Dental & Associates

Glendale, MO Pediatric Dentist Near Me: Our Pediatric Dental Services

Good oral hygiene, especially started at an early age by a pediatric dentist near you in Glendale, MO, gets rid of bacteria and leftover food particles that, normally would, combine to create cavities. But cavities aren’t the only things going on in your Glendale, MO child’s mouth. Routine pediatric dental checkups every 6 months, as the AAPD suggests, will put your little one on a lifetime of good dental health. The pediatric dental services provided by Martin Dental & Associates near Glendale, MO, include:

  • Glendale, MO Infant Care
  • Even before your child gets teeth in Glendale, MO, there are several habits that you should work on to help ensure good oral health. Getting in the pattern of wiping your baby’s mouth with a wet washcloth after nursing/feeding is a great regime to help establish strong oral hygiene in Glendale, MO.

  • Glendale, MO Tooth Brushing
  • As your baby grows and teeth erupt, begin using a child’s toothbrush with a small, pea-sized amount of training toothpaste. After age 2, children’s fluoridated toothpaste should be used, but only the size of a grain of rice. By age 3, start teaching your child to brush. The pediatric dentists and team near you in Glendale, MO, at Martin Dental & Associates will assist with the process.

  • Glendale, MO Thumb Sucking
  • Non-nutritive sucking habits cause damage to developing oral cavities in Glendale, MO. These habits can lead to:

    • Crooked Teeth
    • Constricted Palate
    • Orthodontic Problems
    • Speech Issues

    There are several ways to help break a thumb or pacifier habit, and our pediatric dentists near Glendale, MO will work with you and your child to give specific strategies to help correct them. In some instances, an orthodontic appliance may be recommended in Glendale, MO

  • Glendale, MO Tooth Eruption
  • Teeth always seem to erupt according to the circadian rhythm, and go through the greatest amount at nighttime in Glendale, MO. As teeth begin to erupt into the mouth, your child may experience some discomfort or sleepless nights in Glendale, MO. Many people believe that teething may cause a fever, but, this is simply not true.

  • Glendale, MO Early Childhood Tooth Decay
  • Many Glendale, MO parents ask our pediatric dentists, “Why worry about baby teeth when they are just going to fall out?” Baby (primary) teeth are important because they not only aid in the function of the oral cavity through chewing and speech development, they help to hold space for the developing permanent teeth. When primary teeth get decay, they can lead to dental pain and abscessed teeth. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, and another by the CDC, kids who have poor oral hygiene miss more school and get worse grades than those who don’t. It is critical for Glendale, MO children to develop solid preventative habits, starting at an early age with Dr. Martin and his team near Glendale, MO.

  • Glendale, MO Cavity Prevention
  • By age 3 your child should have all 20 teeth. Between the ages of 5 and 7 the first permanent teeth will begin to erupt. Some of the permanent teeth replace baby teeth and some do not. Most of the time, cavities are due to a diet in sugary foods, drinks, and a lack of brushing. Every time someone eats, an acid reaction occurs inside their mouth as the bacteria digests the sugars. This reaction lasts approximately 20 minutes, during which the acid environment can destroy tooth structure and lead to cavities. Dr. Martin and his pediatric dental team near Glendale, MO will go over some tips for cavity prevention:

    • Limit frequency of meals and snacks
    • Encourage brushing, flossing, and rinsing
    • Watch what you drink
    • Stay away from sticky foods
    • Make treats part of meals
    • Choose nutritious snacks
    • Drink an adequate amount of tap water daily

  • Glendale, MO Gum Disease
  • While many individuals think periodontal disease is an adult problem in Glendale, MO, studies show that gingivitis is essentially a universal issue among children and adolescents. Gingivitis is avoidable and treatable with a normal routine of brushing, flossing, and professional pediatric dental care near Glendale, MO, from Martin Dental & Associates. Dr. Martin’s signs of gum disease near Glendale, MO, include:

    • Swollen, red, or tender gums
    • Gums that bleed easily
    • Pus between the teeth and gums
    • Bad breath
    • Buildup of hard brown deposits along the gumline
    • Loose teeth or teeth that are moving apart
    • Changes in the way dental appliances fit

    Contact us or call us at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location, or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office now to schedule an appointment.

    Pediatric Dentist Near Me Glendale, MO | Glendale, MO Dentist for Kids | Martin Dental & Associates

    Glendale, MO Pediatric Dentist Near Me: Our Pediatric Dental Treatments

    The staff at Martin Dental & Associates, the pediatric dentist near you in Glendale, MO, realizes it can be difficult to get a child to cooperate with a dentist or hygienist, particularly after sitting for a long period of time near Glendale, MO. So we know the importance of being able to communicate with your child and build a rapport. Some of the common pediatric dental treatments we use near Glendale, MO, include:

  • Topical Fluoride Fluoride is specifically helpful for your pediatric dentist in preventing cavities and decay, and strengthening tooth enamel near Glendale, MO.
  • Dental Sealants Sealants are painless and relatively simple to apply, and work to block unwanted particles from entering the crevices of a tooth. They are great for protecting a child's molars from infection and cavity in Glendale, MO.
  • Root Canal Therapy Root canals minimize further injury when inflammation, infection, or damage has occurred near Glendale, MO. Getting rid of pulp and nerve tissue from within a damaged tooth soothes pain, prevents the formation of abscesses, and can avert issues like malocclusion from developing.
  • Fillings Young people near Glendale, MO are more prone to tooth decay, plaque, and cavities because they normally are liable to eat more sugary, sticky foods and may not be as faithful to the suggested oral hygiene routine as adults.
  • Bonding Bonding is used for both general and cosmetic dentistry. A resin material similar in appearance to a natural tooth is shaped, applied, and hardened. It is a quick and simple method to protect an exposed root, and is a common solution for masking minor chips, cracks, and gaps to give your kid a pristine smile in Glendale, MO. Especially after falling face first into that table.
  • Orthodontic & Other Treatments — As your young one gets older in Glendale, MO, they may need procedures like mouth guards, space maintainers, or braces to assist in the straightening of their teeth and jaw. As they age, they will likely need wisdom teeth removal. Your pediatric dentist near you in Glendale, MO, Martin Dental & Associates, can provide these services and will work with your child throughout the stages of their dental needs. Reach out to us or call us at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office, or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location.

Make an Appointment at the Pediatric Dentist Near Me in Glendale, MO | Martin Dental & Associates

You deserve a pediatric dentist near you in Glendale, MO that you feel at ease with and trust with your child’s dental care and overall well-being. From the second you walk inside either of our two offices near Glendale, MO, your child’s comfort and happiness is our number one priority. Our cordial and knowledgeable staff will address any questions or concerns you might have prior to, during, or following your visit.

Great smiles begin with us, especially at an early age. Give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office, or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard location, or reach out to us online today to make an appointment. New Glendale, MO patients are welcome at either locale.