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Dental Surgeon Near Me

Berkeley, MO

Dental Surgeon Near Me Berkeley, MO

Dental Surgeon Near Me Berkeley, MO. The title itself may appear a bit daunting – dental surgeon – but don’t allow the medical jargon to deter you. Dr. John Martin and the staff of experienced dental surgeons near you at Martin Dental & Associates specialize in a long list of advanced dental procedures, all with a calming presence and demeanor.

At Martin Dental & Associates, your healthy smile is our primary priority. We realize that you’ll only smile if you are as happy with our dental surgeon services as you are with our routine dental treatment near Berkeley, MO. That is precisely the reason we listen to your concerns and needs – we want you to feel comfortable during every visit. Our friendly and experienced dental surgeon staff is here to recognize all of your oral health needs, from calming anxieties to teaching good oral hygiene habits, and from regular checkups to detailed dental surgeon sessions near you in Berkeley, MO.

We are devoted to making our services as affordable and accessible as possible. Give us a call right away at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office, or reach out to us online.

Dental Surgeon Near Me in Berkeley, MO: What Exactly is a Dental Surgeon?

A dental surgeon, also referred to as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is a dental professional who specializes in performing surgery on a patient’s teeth, gums, and other areas around the mouth. Dentists normally refer patients to dental surgeons for in-depth procedures that call for unique evaluation, tool, or pain management techniques. However, that is never the case at Martin Dental & Associates. After you get comfortable with our dentists, we do not send you out the door with a referral and force you into building a short-term relationship with another one near Berkeley, MO.

Dr. Martin and the skilled team of dental surgeons at Martin Dental & Associates in the Berkeley, MO area offer these services:

In addition to being a skilled ‘dental surgeon near me,’ our Berkeley, MO patients have access to the following wide range of dental procedures:

Dental Surgeon Near Me Berkeley, MO | Berkeley, MO Dental | Martin Dental & Associates

Dental Surgeon Near Me in Berkeley, MO: What Are Some Differences Between Dentists and Dental Surgeons?

Obviously, Dr. Martin and the dentists at Martin Dental & Associates are highly trained and have the skills and astute abilities to serve as both your dentist and dental surgeon near you in Berkeley, MO. A few factors that separate the Martin Dental & Associates staff from other Berkeley, MO dentists include:

  • Tasks
  • While dentists are essentially similar to primary care physicians, responsible for the upkeep of your oral health in addition to fundamental treatments, dental surgeons perform procedures and evaluations for specific, complex issues and surgeries. As an example, if someone was in a car accident near Berkeley, MO and the alignment of their jaw became uneven, they should contact a dental surgeon rather than a dentist. A general dentist would offer basic guidance and refer patients to particular dental surgeons. This procedure can be accomplished completely in-house at Martin Dental & Associates near you in Berkeley, MO.

  • Pain management techniques
  • Dentists commonly utilize anesthesia for patients under their care, while dental surgeons have training and experience in both anesthesia and IV treatments. This provides additional options for our Berkeley, MO patients at Martin Dental & Associates, depending on their preference and the pain that follows after a particular surgery. Dr. Martin and the other dentists on staff have hands-on experience and top-notch qualifications in pain management.

  • Education and qualifications
  • Both the dentist and dental surgeon in charge of your care should have the education, qualifications, and experience that are relevant to your needs in Berkeley, MO and showcase their expertise. A St. Louis native, Dr. Martin became a registered nurse while attending the University of North Carolina-Wilmington where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1990 from the University of Kansas City. Dr. Martin is also the dentist on staff at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital, providing no-cost dental treatments for the children they serve.

Dental Surgeon Near Me in Berkeley, MO: What Are the Types of Dental Surgeon Treatment Martin Dental & Associates Provides?

You do not have to just live with gaps, discoloration, or damage when it comes to your teeth. Great smiles begin with us near Berkeley, MO. If you are done with being embarrassed by an imperfect smile or are living with the inconvenience and pain of missing or damaged teeth, the professionals at Martin Dental & Associates furnish the best options. Dr. Martin and the team of dental surgeons near you have decades of experience in many forms of surgery in the Berkeley, MO area, including:

  • Bridges and crowns:

    These are available in different styles, including full and partial, and are completed with a set of zirconium or porcelain crowns. These are typically designed and implanted in two oral surgery sessions.

  • Endodontics/Root canal therapy:

    Endodontics is concerned with the dental pulp or soft issues inside a tooth. Dr. Martin and the dental surgery team near you in Berkeley, MO is in its fourth decade providing endodontics and painless and effective root canal therapy, which can be completed in as little as two sessions.

  • All on 4:

    This dental surgery calls for using four dental implants to construct a full, permanent dental bridge to give you the smile you want without employing dentures. It is often finished in three oral surgery appointments with our dental surgeon near you, including one or two consultations and surgery.

  • Removal of impacted and/or decaying teeth:

    Tooth extraction may be the only viable option if a tooth is too decayed or damaged to be repaired with a filling or a crown. Rather than extracting teeth, Dr. Martin and his team prefer to save them. But the surgeons are here if you need them. Contact a dental surgeon near you in Berkeley, MO today or give us a call at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights location or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office.

  • Placement of dental implants:

    This service features titanium pieces implanted into a patient’s jawbone amid dental surgery to offer support and a natural. This is optimal for Berkeley, MO patients missing teeth due to gum disease or an accident, and we can conveniently complete it in as little as one or two sessions.

  • Full mouth rehabilitation:

    The process of utilizing different materials and methods to reestablish your smile. This involves several serious oral surgeries and multiple sessions. This form of dental surgery often includes:

  • TMJ therapy:

    This deals with your temporomandibular joints, which act as hinges in your jaw. Most recurrent symptoms include popping or clicking sound when opening your jaw, face pain, jaw pain, or pain while chewing. Dr. Martin’s dental surgery team near Berkeley, MO can assess your symptoms and create a personalized treatment plan in one or two sessions.

Dental Surgeon Near Me Berkeley, MO | Berkeley, MO Dental Care | Martin Dental & Associates

Contact a Top Dental Surgeon Near Me in the Berkeley, MO Area | Martin Dental & Associates

We understand. Nobody really wants to think about dental surgery, or any surgery for that matter, in Berkeley, MO. But we want to help if you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or embarrassment because of an oral health issue. Dr. Martin and the dental staff recognize the importance of developing a solid doctor-patient relationship on the foundation of communication and comfort near Berkeley, MO.

Call a dental surgeon near you in Berkeley, MO today at 314-739-1222 for our Maryland Heights office or 573-764-2425 for our Gerard office, or reach out to us online.